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Is ac_ restricted to university or higher education activities?

The ac_ tool is conceived both for activities taking place at universities and independent or autonomous spaces; i.e., for these activities programmed either inside or outside the official academic system, its structures or its buildings. However, there are many ways to publicize activities like conferences or workshops made outside academia, but there is no other platform through which academicians can open their regular classes or courses to other researchers. ac_ considers important to interconnect these two spheres and to build a space out of hierarchies to intertwine the work and commitment of their researchers.

What is considered a ‘research’ activity?

In fact, this refers to a wide spectre of activities taking place in the intersection of research and education, which, as mentioned before, are those usually meant in the context of higher education but not necessarily limited to it.

However, the use of the notion of research is also somewhat strategic in the framework of the commons, since it allows referring to activities where knowledge is made and shared ‘among’ researchers (a category applied both to teachers and students in the new language of academy) who are engaged and linked by common interests, and not in the pursuit of titles or accreditations.

What are the rights and duties of the visitor researchers?

It is important to understand that every commons initiative depends both on the commitment and the responsibility of its users. As a visitor researcher you are asked to be very respectful with the possible requirements posted by the organizer who is opening the doors of her or his activity, like those that can derivate from understandable space limitations or working literature.

Please, note that when you go to a activity that has been posted at the ac_ platform your attendance can be framed in very different contexts. For instance, when this is a course or a class held at an official institution of the academic system, your access probably will be sustained with the often ambiguous legality of the ‘’guest auditor’, as a sort of personal agreement with the host researcher.

Note as well that your attendance of an activity usually will be out of the official curricula, and consequently not followed by diplomas or certifications unless further personal agreements with the host researcher.

Can I ask for / give an ac_ certification of my activity?

The aim of the ac_ platform is to promote the sharing of knowledge beyond the logics of titles and academic accreditations. Yet, we live in the world we live in, and one of the objectives of the project is also to empower our practices. So, if at some point it is considered useful, and as a personal agreement between the guest researcher and the visitor researcher, there is the possibility to download the Academy Commons logo here and use it for a certification of the attended activity. (Thus, allowing researchers to explore the possibilities and potential of commons-conceived —‘unofficial’— curricula).

Can I post an activity in a city not included in the list of the searcher?

Yes. When posting your activity through the filling form you will have the option to select among the already introduced names in the fields of the searcher (cities, areas of knowledge, etc.) and also the option to add a new one, which will be automatically included in the list of the search engine after complete the posting.